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Notice of change

Hi Everyone

 From March 2020, exactly March 10, 2020 Vietnamese language was translated for tenwe.online and also the first days of launch for tenwe.online starting until today. After more than a year together, we decided to move tenwe.online to community.tenwe.online and www.tenwe.online to become the main topic, all accounts, articles and everything else would remain. original 

We want to send you this notice because in the next few days all redirects from tenwe.online to community.tenwe.online will be cancelled.

Thanks everyone and we hope you have a nice day

Thảo luận



TenWe's support site

Over a long enough period of development. TenWe recently launched a support website The effect of TenWe's support website: Help and support many questions of new TenWers to the TenWe social networking platform 

All questions and requests can be sent to our information here: 

Phone number: 0786629656 (+84) 

Mail: tenwe@tenwe.online 

Website: https://help.tenwe.online


Introducing the "Hide posts" [Version 2]

Released on September 10, 2021

Robust moderation keeps a community safe and optimized for content consumption. Without the proper tools to moderate posts, a community can give members the wrong impression and result in a poor user experience. And the feed is an important component for content discovery and browsing experience in a community.

With this update, the admins and moderators are empowered with more control over what gets displayed in the feed. Consider scenarios in which a post doesn't fit with your community's culture or has not been posted in the appropriate Space. In these cases, TenWe's new "Hide Post" feature can ensure a clean community and present only useful content to the members.

Learn about the new "Hide Post" moderation tool:

Hide Posts

Previously, posts had to be deleted to stop displaying them in the community. Now, you can simply hide a post so that it doesn't get displayed in different feeds (e.g., community's primary feed page, Space feed, and the author's profile feed) for all the members except the admins and the post author.

View more details below:

  • Comment on a hidden post to send a notification to the author of the post and members who previously commented on it (depending on their notification settings).
  • After hiding a post, users can still access it through the direct link or a notification that lands them on the post.
  • Members will still be notified if they are tagged in the hidden post or if they have replied to the... (More)