⚡ Member Invite Improvements

Quick access to invite members
A link to share invites
Configure "join by default" Spaces for your invited members
Coming soon! Customizations around the "Share Invite Link"

⚡ Post Embeds

When creating a community post, it's helpful to include media resources that support and enrich your content. TenWe 2.0 brings us enhanced post embedding by including the following updates:

Embed from 1,900+ media publishers!
Youtube videos, Medium articles, GIFs, music and more!
Improved composing experience
Option to remove the embed if you simply want the link
Coming soon! More enhancements and improvements to link embeds.

⚡ Search Improvements

We’re excited to introduce TenWe 2.0 Platform Search within the TenWe Campfire Community! We’ve been busy these past several months retooling TenWe's Search functionality.

TenWe 2.0 Search improvements aim to resolve your most pressing search issues and meet your primary search needs. To accomplish this goal, the release of TenWe 2.0 will include the following updates:

More accurate results
Result types/contextualized results
New interface design
Keyboard friendly browsing
Coming soon! Search filtering
Coming soon! Advanced Search page

⚡ Spaces

TenWe 2.0 is reimagining how members come together. We're saying goodbye to "Groups" from our previous platform, and introducing "Spaces". Spaces are THE way to facilitate your content and connections.

To fully equip Spaces, the release of TenWe 2.0 platform will include the following updates:

Space templates
Tab structure
About, Members tabs
Improved Member Management
Assign Space Admins or Moderators
Add/Invite Members to Spaces
Space settings & permissions
⚡ Improved Composer & Feed!

We’re excited to introduce enhancements to Composer and Feed in TenWE 2.0!

To give TenWe's composer & feed a revamp, the release of TenWe 2.0 will include the following updates:

Simplified Composer with composing blocks
Formatting controls
Added emojis 👍 ✅ 💜 🎉 🍎 🕺
Improved content truncation and threading
Emoji reactions to posts
Scroll position remembered when selecting back
Improved link preview